Sky Gambler – Air Supremacy 2


Launcing on March 24th on Sony Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

With an extensive single player campaign and delightful multiplayer modes, the non-stop action will keep you at the edge of your seat!

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 is a dogfight simulator taking its roots from the original classic hit. Rich combat mechanics and a spot-on balance between simulation and arcade make it accessible to all player types and allows for a personalized experience with varied control schemes and play styles.

The single player campaign takes the player into a dark and grim future where air supremacy is all that prevents the world balance of power from collapsing. The 14 missions take you through different challenges across the world with both air to ground and air to air engagements.

Action takes place across multiple locations from dense urban areas like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro to lush locations like archipelagos and sandstone pillars. Each map has its own vibe and set of challenges while favoring different flight styles.

Online multiplayer allows players to compete in real-time in a variety of game modes and trully push your skills to the limit.


  •     18 different aircraft choices, each with 4 loadout variants
  •     Extensive story driven campaign spanning across 14 missions
  •      Online     multiplayer with up to 7v7 battles
  •     Three difficulty levels for replay challenge
  •     Customizable paint jobs and jet badges
  •     7 custom game modes on 7 different maps with varied objective layout
  •     Varied arsenal of missiles and rockets
  •     Easy to use evasive flight maneuvers
Infinite Tanks – WWII

Infinite Tanks WW2 brings an innovative, never seen before approach to WW2 tank battles. The game features an original card-driven tank building system that allows players to mix and match parts of different historic tanks. Play with your favorite tanks from World War 2 and create the ultimate fighting machine by assembling a brand new hybrid.


The combining options are virtually endless and allow you to tune every vehicle to your liking and playstyle.

You then take your war machine to battle in open environments inspired by historical battle locations.

Enjoy the classic mode campaign where you fight in 5 historical theaters of war over 12 distinct missions. Then dive straight into competitive online multiplayer with various game-modes.

Explore the two separate progression trees for Axis and Allies unlocking and upgrading tanks from both sides of the war.



  • A unique card-driven construction system, driven by single-player progression.
  • Huge number of  different vehicle combinations, plus aesthetic customization such as historical paint patterns and badges.
  • 12 mission single player campaign
  • 7 vs 7 online multiplayer matches
  • The most iconic WW2 tanks like: Sherman M4A1, M18 Hellcat, M26 Pershing, Type 1 Chi-He, Type 4 Chi-To, Panzer III ,Tiger II, Panther, Tiger 1, Panzer IV, Stug III, Jagdpanther, Panzer 38T, Churchill, Cromwell, Crusader, Matilda II, T-34, KV-1, SU-85, IS
  • 5 historical environments, from the sun scorched battlefields of Africa, the frozen Russia battlefronts to the serene islands of the pacific.
  • Offline custom games, including King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch both online and offline.
  • realistic physics and different tank parts damage system
  • Special mechanics like abilities and critical damage.


Titan Glory

Titan Glory is a sci-fi mech combat game with an emphasis on mech and weapon variety, multiple game modes and spectacular combat arenas.

In the near future, mech combat sports are all the rage! Various match rules and objectives bring the thrill of the game in glorious skirmishes filled with explosions and projectiles.

Taking part in tournaments and winning matches will earn you valuable credits and ranks. In turn these will give you access to 12 mechs with different weapon loadouts and attributes. For all of them you will have to choose which component to upgrade and where to push your machine to the limits.

Each mech comes with its own play style characteristics and weapon loadout. Upgrade this infernal machine to achieve utter arena dominance and glory.

The matches take place in 6 huge arenas designed for different play styles and scenarios. From urban centers to plan fields and ancient temples each arena has its own spirit and style.

Players can hone their skills in offline tournaments and finally come for the real glory in explosive 12 player online matches. Compete with people from all around the world or create your own private matches of your friends only.

  • 12 mechs to unlock and upgrade
  • 6 huge varied arenas to master and dominate
  • 7 primary weapons for massive obliteration
  • 4 secondary weapons for a tactical advantage
  • 9 game modes to keep you on your edge
  • 12 tournaments to claim glory over
  • 12 player online matches
Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault

Based on our vehicle combat experience the beautiful engine behind our games we have crafted an exclusive tank combat game for the Nintendo Switch.


  • A unique card-driven construction system, driven by single-player progression and multiplayer collaboration.
  • Hundreds of million different vehicle combinations, plus aesthetic customization such as paint and accessories. tanks, destroyers, hovercrafts and rocket launchers, each in 3 different classes.
  • 360 drills with quick, intense action.
  • Sweeping, epic single-player campaign.
  • Different environments, from sun scorched deserts to dense urban areas, with expansive space for gameplay and exploration.
  • Custom games, including King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch both online and offline.
  • Incredible realism: changing weather, sun crossing the sky, realistic physics and damage system
Sky Gamblers – Afterburner

Sky Gamblers: Afterburner Takes Flight on Nintendo Switch

The latest iteration in Atypical Games’ signature flight simulator game series is now available on the Nintendo Switch Store

Sky Gamblers: Afterburner includes the following features:



  • SWITCH OPTIMIZATION –  Controller compatibility and user interface have been worked from the ground up to deliver a streamlined, optimized experience for Nintendo Switch players. Pilots can steer their aircraft using Joy-Con controllers, Pro Controller and Motion Controls.




  • SKY’S THE LIMIT– Unlock, upgrade and customize the weapons and defenses of 30 contemporary and futuristic planes, each graphically enhanced for Nintendo Switch. Stick to real-world accuracy or cruise in an all-new creation from your own imagination.




  • AROUND THE WORLD – Soar over the majestic skylines of Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Hawaii and more, painstakingly recreated panoramas with real-world accuracy. Don’t let the view distract you, though – the skies, seas and SAM sites are crawling with armed adversaries at every turn.




  • ALL SYSTEMS ONLINE – Untangle a story of great bravery and despicable treason that spans the globe through the single-player campaign, or match up with (and against) the best pilots online in a number of competitive and cooperative modes including Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Defend the Base, Capture the Flag, Last Man standing, Survival and more.



Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2

Coming from the creators of Sky Gamblers, Battle Supremacy and Radiation series, Storm Raiders 2 is the follow-up of the highly acclaimed, 2013 Apple Design Award Winner – Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders.

Unlock, upgrade and customize the legendary planes of WWII. Get into the cockpit and prepare to takeoff. Become the master of the skies!

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders 2 features:

    • Hit the History Books: Fly highly detailed planes of WWII, including fighters, bombers and dive-bombers, over fully recreated cities in places such as Germany, Russia, Norway, Egypt, UK and US. Each city has realistic weather patterns modeled after the real environment contemporary pilots would have faced. Customize aircrafts with historically accurate skins or venture outside the box with an original creation.
    • Aerial Battles: Engage in strategic aerial combat, choosing weapons wisely to take out adversaries in the sky, over the water and on the ground. Whether taking off and landing form runways or carriers, players must adapt to their surroundings and take advantage of the progressive damage system to eliminate hostile combatants.
    • Fly Your Way: Outside of the single player campaign, players can hone their skills in a training mode or take to the skies with their friends in cooperative and competitive modes including Survival, Last Man Standing, Last Team Standing, Free Flight, Free for All, Team Match, Capture the Flag and Defend the Base.
Infinite Jets

Unlock, upgrade and customize the weapons and defenses of more than 100 planes. Paint your favorite jet fighter, customize patterns and badges for the ultimate looks. Become the master of the skies!

Untangle the story of great bravery and despicable treason through the single player campaign. This is not an easy task. You’ll experience huge open world areas with carefully recreated cities like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Danger is everywhere. Skies are filled with menacing enemy jet fighters, the sea is crawling with heavily armed battleships and SAM sites are lurking within buildings or forests.

Polish your evasive maneuvers, aerial combat and targeting skills against AI in custom set games and go prepared for online PVP or PVE. Experience non-stop action against or together with top world players in up to 7 vs 7 airplanes.

Escape from Chernobyl

Scavenging for weapons and gear is just one part of the needed edge to overcome this tremendous challenge where radiation with anomalies and zombies are trying to kill you at every corner.


Escape from Chernobyl features revamped and improved controls and a wide range of melee and fire weapons used in a new combat system using natural physics and body parts based damage. With that and the new noise based stealth system, each fight will require careful planning and true skill.


Atypical Games’ skill in amazing graphics harnesses the Metal technology and shines in this dense and lively world with unprecedented detail, physically based rendering, dynamic shadows and HDR post processing.

Radiation City

Welcome to the world of Radiation City where a great survival adventure awaits you!

Forty years after the unfortunate accident of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, destiny brings you to the area of carefully recreated city of Pripyat. Uncover the amazing story, untangle the mystery and try to save your loved one.

This is not an easy task. It’s a huge open world area filled with dangers and anomalies. Hungry predators and sub-human creatures, they all want a piece of you. The elements, combined with radiation and unexplained phenomenon, make the lovely looking environment a place where you shouldn’t be. Yet, here you are.

Scavenge for resources inside any building and especially the landmarks of Pripyat: hotel Polissya, the cultural center, cinema Prometheus, the swimming pool and all the abandoned flat buildings. Craft and choose your gear wisely. Discover and use the campsites for safely passing the nights. Equipment, weapons and the vehicles you may find and use are your only friends.

Infinite Tanks

Infinite Tanks also upgrades the tank sim genre by giving players the ability to design and upgrade their own impenetrable vehicles, allowing them to truly step into the driver’s seat.

The game features an innovative card-driven building system, which allows players to mix, match and trade individual tank parts, including engines, bodies, tracks, turrets, mines, mortars, upgrades and obviously guns, to create an incredibly diverse array of powerful and versatile vehicles.

Infinite Tanks is pushing the boundaries with modern graphics and exceptionally deep gameplay.


  • A unique card-driven construction system, driven by single-player progression and multiplayer collaboration.
  • Hundreds of million different vehicle combinations, plus aesthetic customization such as paint and accessories. tanks, destroyers, hovercrafts and rocket launchers, each in 3 different classes.
  • 360 drills with quick, intense action.
  • Sweeping, epic single-player campaign.
  • Different environments, from sun scorched deserts to dense urban areas, with expansive space for gameplay and exploration.
  • Custom games, including King of the Hill, Capture the Bases, and Team Deathmatch both online and offline.
  • 60 levels of progression, most varied classes of tanks and an impressive arsenal of weapons and projectiles.
  • Incredible realism: changing weather, sun crossing the sky, realistic physics and damage system
Radiation Island

In Radiation Island, players are stranded in an alternate reality after an experiment gone wrong, and must fight for survival on an inhospitable island. 

Players must survive the open world environment by finding food, hidden treasures, equipment, and firearms all while fighting radiation, anomalies, harsh weather, and radioactively-mutated zombies. Tenacity, wit, and resourcefulness will be crucial to not only solving the island’s puzzles, but also returning to the real world.

Radiation Island Key Features:

  • Experience Atypical’s high-quality gaming through an interactive open world and clever AI.
  • Explore vast forests inhabited by dangerous wolves, bears, and mountain lions, and investigate abandoned villages and old military compounds where zombies guard vital tools necessary for survival.
  • Mine for resources to craft weapons, tools, and basic vehicles. Hunt wild animals, fish, or gather fruits to overcome hunger. Swim and dive, but avoid hungry crocodiles!
  • Survive the full day-night cycle by facing the dangers of darkness and cold.
  • Complete the campaign mode to unlock multiplayer mode: fight for valuable resources against real players online in a closed arena.
  • Integrated iCloud support allows saving and sharing progress across devices.
Battle Supremacy – Evolution
Battle SupremacyEvolution, the sci-fi sequel to the hit WWII combat simulator Battle Supremacy, is playable now on Apple TV, as well as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac. The game features highly intuitive futuristic combat between two warring factions, and favors spectacular futurescapes and fantastical transforming vehicles over the muddy battlefields and gray-scale tanks of humanity’s past. BattleSupremacyEvolution is available now on the App Store.

Battle SupremacyEvolution places players in a gorgeously utopic future society that resides in towering cities of neon-gleaming spires of glass and steel, but lives in harmony with the lush jungle that surrounds them. When a destructive enemy threatens their borders, players must take up arms at the helm of an incredible transforming vehicle, which can unfold metal wings and take flight as easily as it can glide along the ground.

“The Apple TV was a perfect match for Battle SupremacyEvolution,” said Andrei Lopata, CEO of Atypical. “The breathtaking vistas of this world truly shine on the big screen, and the game’s visceral, fast-paced combat and turn-on-a-dime flight are perfectly suited to Apple TV responsive Siri Remote.”

Battle SupremacyEvolution Features

• Three multiplayer modes for 5+ players, including Capture the Base and Team Deathmatch
• Over 100 different single-player missions in seven different game types, including races, team deathmatches and protecting convoys
• Vividly colorful destructible environments
• Transforming combat vehicles that can take the form of a tank, a drone, or a plane
Battle Supremacy

Battle Supremacy puts players on the frontlines in real cities, beaches, forests, and mountainside villages, complete with weather changes, rolling hills, and plenty of other tanks to blast into shreds. Featuring Atypical Games’ renowned graphics, the game sports fully interactive environments with trees that sway with the wind and buildings that can be destroyed to clear an escape route or expose the enemy. Realistic wildlife also scurry away in fear should players disturb them! Beyond a variety of historically accurate World War II tanks, players will take the helm of other vehicles including jeeps, light armor vehicles, boats, as well as airplanes… Battle Supremacy hasn’t forgotten its Sky Gamblers roots!

Battle Supremacy features:

  • See Atypical’s ongoing tradition of delivering console-quality gaming on mobile devices with photo-realistic visuals utilizing OpenGL ES 3.0, an interactive open world, and clever AI.
  • Endure ever-changing weather that blows vegetation with the wind as well as snow and raindrops that reduce visibility when met with light.
  • Experience multiplayer modes like Team Death Match, Domination, and King of the Hill, as well as Game Center duels.
  • Roll through 12 different missions in the offline single player campaign.
  • Pick up the game anytime, anywhere, on any iOS device with iCloud and AirPlay support.
  • Boast tank skills by challenging friends, climbing the leaderboards, and unlocking achievements.


Sky Gamblers: Cold War

Coming on the heels of its Apple Design Award-winning predecessor, Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, Cold War presents the next evolution in flight-simulation games with fully re-created cities such as those in Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, and Siberia, realistic weather effects for a more authentic challenge, and interactive cockpits for the most hands-on experience.

Weapons have been rebalanced to provide a faithful recreation of early jet history experience. The game also expands on the single player campaign providing diverse missions including classic dogfights, high altitude surveillance, and controlling laser-guided missiles.

And in full Sky Gambling finesse, Cold War boasts console-quality graphics and a fully orchestrated soundtrack.


Sky Gamblers: Cold War features:

  • Experience console-quality gaming on a mobile device with photo-realistic visuals, volumetric clouds with realistic lighting, sun glare, day & night transitions, weather effects, and more!
  • But wait, there’s more! Experience dogfight missions, team death match, defending the base, survival, capture the flag, free for all modes, Game Center duels, and even more upon completing the single-player campaign.
  • Fly up to 17 different planes with three settings and skins each.
  • Customize the game based on skill. Fly on autopilot while firing missiles and issuing squadron commands, or take full control of the cockpit operations.
  • Pick up the game any time, anywhere, on any iOS device with iCloud and AirPlay support.
  • Boast flight prowess by challenging friends on Game Center, climbing the leaderboards, and unlocking achievements.
Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE WWII AIR COMBAT GAME ~ You’ll participate in visceral dogfights, protect cities and fleets, bomb enemy structures and even fly through tunnels. Everything is set up in accurately recreated real life locations like Pearl Harbor, Coast of Dover, Midway, Germany and France.

AMAZING QUALITY AND IT’S ONLY ON iOS ~ Unparalleled visuals, special effects and audio including: specular masks, bump mapping, atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds with realistic lighting, sun glare, day & night transitions, God rays, high definition textures, 4x anisotropic filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering, radial blur, heat haze, refractive raindrops and more!

IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY ~ Take off and land on landing strips and carriers. You will fly in fully recreated cities with realistic weather, accurate atmospheric scattering with aerial perspective and highly detailed planes with interactive cockpits.

HUGE HISTORYC FLEET ~ Fly highly detailed WWII top aces planes. Watch the progressive damage affecting planes and finally being shredded into pieces.

HUGE COLLECTION OF ONLINE MODES ~ Invite your friends to play online! Choose between cooperative and competitive modes: Survival, Last Man Standing, Free Flight, Free for All, Team Match, Capture the Flag and the new Assault. Use Game Center head to head with Voice Chat for the ultimate duel experience.

GAME CENTER, AirPlay and iCloud ~ Since this all takes place on Apple devices, iCloud support has been integrated so players can save and share progress across devices while AirPlay allows them to use an Apple TV to play the game on a large display. Climb the Game Center leaderboards, challenge friends and unlock all achievements.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU’VE PLAYED! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE air combat game taking the world by storm! Designed with the latest iOS technology and features, Air Supremacy is a never-before-seen 3D experience. With an extensive campaign mode and revolutionizing multiplayer modes, the nonstop action always keeps you at the edge of your seat!

Do you have what it takes to become the supreme lord of the skies?
A LEVEL OF GAMING NEVER SEEN BEFORE ANYWHERE AND IT’S ONLY ON iOS! Until now only consoles could deliver such an immersive audio visual gaming experience. With iOS, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad brings you unparalleled visuals, special effects and audio including: bump mapping, atmospheric scattering, volumetric clouds with realistic lightning, sun glare, day & night transitions, God rays and more! And with Airplay, it’s explosive entertainment for all your friends and family!


Only the newest iOS devices could offer the types of enhancements anyone has ever experienced while playing-on-the-go or at home on a tablet: 4X greater detail for high definition textures, 4X anisotropic filtering, High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering, post processing: radial blur and jet engine heat haze, refraction of the water drops on the cockpit and on the screen and more!
OVER 40 JET CONFIGURATIONS AND 10 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY IN CAMPAIGN MODEARENAS OF MORE THAN 40 BILLION SQUARE FEET OF ON LAND AND SEA! Plunge yourself in an incredibly rich and challenging campaign mode. Missions and objectives are on land and sea, over deserts and oceans where only your skills at evasive manoeuvres and squadron command can make a difference, or over busy urban or mountain landscapes where acceleration and firing tactics will push you on the edge at every corner!

Already finished with the campaign mode?! Now expand your skills with Dogfight Missions, Survival, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Defend the Base and more to come in the future! The total game arenas are over four times the size of New York City!

Invite your friends to come and play online in collaboration or all the other types of modes available: Survival, Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Defend the Base. Use the chat to perfect your coop strategy or simply let go on your rage! There will be more modes to come in the future, so let the game begins and send us your suggestions for new future modes! JOIN ONLINE NOW!

Customize your controls, your learning curve and the intensity of action you want to see onscreen: Air Supremacy has been designed for players from all generations and levels. Veteran or novice, each mode has an incomparable replay value depending on how you want to play. If the difficulty is more than you can bear, switch on the auto-pilot and fire all these missiles to your enemies online and the many one-player modes!

You only get 3 jets at the beginning. To unlock all 40+ jets configurations and the secret fighter, you will need to play the game regularly in one-player modes to move up the ranks and unlock more jets and features. And if you dare try your skills online, you’ll get 3X more points!

Air Supremacy is the second episode in the series Sky Gamblers published by NAMCO BANDAI Games America. If you already have the first episode Rise of Glory you’ll get access to exclusive content. If you have not explored the world of Sky Gamblers yet, go get Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory or try the lite version NOW!

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Play Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPod touch 3 (16GB and above) or iPod touch 4 for one single and lifetime low price.

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is compatible with AirPlay and Apple TV.

To play online requires a wi-fi or internet connection.